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About us
Dating Screen course is a revolutionary approach to dating safety and empowerment! The scammer's goal is to "Sell You Lies". We equip women with the essential tools and knowledge needed to spot deceit and navigate the complexities of modern dating.
We believe that women's security is priceless and prioritizing, is essential, a worthy investment and a "No-Brainer". Recognizing our global untruthful epidemic, it was necessary that we provide women a SOLUTION by awareness, insight and prevention.

Founded by our principals of honesty, integrity and authenticity , Dating Screen Course intentions are to enhance women's confidence and wisdom. We provide an informative course that ladies can listen to as well as read and take notes, on their own time and in the comfort of their preferred space.
Fact, besides online and face-to-face dating scamming trends have rapidly risen and spreading worldwide. Exhibiting that it is crucial to teach women how to TEST integrity and SPOT the con artist scammers. Globally, our OBJECTIVE is to educate all women and BANKRUPT the scamming enterprise!
Dating Screen Course has a cause and we are committed to making your dating safety about YOU, your happiness and for your best interests.
Dating Screen Course, founded by female Private Investigator AJ Januszczak, empowers women to navigate modern dating safely and confidently.
AJs, experience in uncovering deception and fraud brings invaluable insight into the world of dating, arming women with the knowledge to protect themselves from potential risks and pitfalls. Her acquired experience and techniques provide a unique perspective on dating safety.
When you sign up for our course, we provide an email where you can request and receive AJs e-book for FREE. "Through My Eyes.....The Past Comes Calling."
At Dating Screen Course, we believe that every woman deserves to date with confidence and without compromise. Our goal is to foster a community where women can share experiences, support one another, and ultimately, embark on their dating journeys with conviction and empowerment. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the way women approach dating—because when you Date Safe, Date Smart, and Don't Settle, the possibilities are endless.
3 reasons why join the course!
Expert Guidance
Led by a female Private Investigator, our course offers unique insights into the world of dating safety, providing you with expert knowledge and strategies to identify dishonesty and navigate potential risks effectively. We believe "Experience" teaches practical skills that can be directly applied to safe dating and real-world situations.
Comprehensive Curriculum
With 12 concise video modules accompanied by insightful text, our course covers critical strategies, to enhance your dating apps/dating sites and professional matchmaking services assistance. We impower you with the essential tools and skills needed to make informed decisions in your dating life.
Empowering Community
By joining our course, you become part of a supportive community of women committed to dating with integrity and authenticity. Gain access to invaluable support, shared experiences, and resources, empowering you to navigate the dating landscape with confidence and conviction.
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